Transparency Reporting, Made Easy

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What we do

In 2022 the EU introduced a statutory transparency obligation for rights owners to inform authors and performers (creative talent) at least once a year about the commercial use and worldwide revenues of copyrighted works.

A development forcing rights owners to manage new compliance risks, increased administrative burden and uncertainty about resources and costs. With Cleriti, transparency reporting is easy and smooth.
Create and deliver customized reports
Reduce administrative burden
Compliance assurance
Secure & private by design

Why Cleriti

Transparency compliance is the foundation of the work we do, from start to finish. By combining the expertise of leading media lawyers, users from the creative industry and the entertainment rights expertise of Fintage House, we’ve created the Cleriti portal; a Pan European solution for rights owners who have to provide transparency reports to creative talent. Stay in control and improve efficiency. It all starts with Cleriti.

Admin peace of mind

Cleriti provides an online data management tool for rights owners to create and send reports through the portal, simple and smart.

Legal assurance

Cleriti keeps the portal up to date with all the necessary reporting disclaimers, the latest European copyright legislation and legal developments.

Save time and money

The Cleriti portal is specifically designed for reporting as per the statutory transparency obligation. No need to develop your own tech solution.

Keep data safe

Data security, privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded by using the latest technologies combined with the world’s best practices for information security management systems (ISO).